Ready Steady Go!

Simple style for when you are on the go – new release from MECHANISM.

casual style

Kobe Flatley, a good friend of mine has found a new home so make sure you visit our Designer Directory and update your landmarks because you would want to visit his new store after reading this. Of course it will not be because I built his store but because Kobe comes back with stacks of new releases for both male and female.

I have been meaning to show you shoes from Original Sin for over 2 months now, yet still no one has really showed them to you. When MECHANISM Speed jacket landed in my lap, those two items married each other nicely.

Kobe has been battling sculpties during his short break from SL, only to come back with exciting new releases that harnessed their power to provide realism to our clothing and add some “wind” to it. Speed jacket is one such release and it shows yet again level up for Kobe’s design, percision and texturing skills that looked promising when MECHANISM first stepped on Second Life’s fashion scene.

Original Sin is another designer label that produces high quality sculpties – currently stocking shoes, beanies, sunglasses and cuffs. SXR shoes come with touch-menu operated resizing and lace color/glow options. I had to resize these shoes smaller as their original size was quite large, I made shoe laces orange and added glow for this outfit.

Hair is from CHASE – often overlooked style from Ocean’s collection.

Poses and eyes are from MADesigns.

Dimitri Shape by MADesigns is available on level 3 of MADesigns Store under Young & Thin Section.


SKIN: SKANDALOOSE ~ Generation 7 (soulpath)

HAIR: CHASE ~ “Weekend” -Coal Black

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – moody grey eyes


JACKET: MECHANISM ~ Speed  *brown/blue

PANTS: Armidi Limited – (Male/Loose) A001 Jeans [Dusted Classic]

SHIRT: Gbberish ~ Attention Tank Top – Upper (Sand Dune) (part of outfit)


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