[ akami ] ~ The Muism Mafioso

Today I found myself in two things.

A) Black, and B) Muism clothes. Two things that happen to agree with me.

This is The Muism Mafioso, Rock Casual.

Ok so lets break it down. I’m wearing my gloves again because I made them, which are black, Muism jacket, also black, Kalnins shoes black, Role Optic Sunny shades BLACK too… my Find Ash hair is black, and the jeans, which I bullied Icemoloco into making a black pair of, are also black. So we pretty much agree I’m wearing alot of black.


Okay so we all agree we don’t like no copy items so much, at a push we are not fond of no modify too but we can empathise somewhat when designers that don’t tick the modify box, due to those who stoop to copying and ripping of other people’s talent and hard work. I am not sure that making clothes no mod actually can stopped them at this, prims yes – but we will leave it at that.

But, no copy item is REAL pain of a stylist’s existence. It doesn’t make any sense. If an item is copyable, we can find it, save it in outfits and therefore we wear it in more outfits, and if we wear it in more outfits, it gets seen more, and then people inspect it and go buy it. Sounds good no? Sounds very good to me.

The Rosary I am wearing in this outfit is no copy, no mod, but transfer. Which is nice if you want to send a friend a gift easily. I messaged the maker and he was more than willing to send me a copy / no trans version for myself. I sugguested two different vendors for the two different options of copy / trans rights, but in all polite and friendly notecard to the designer asking for a copy version will generally always get you what you need to make your outfitting days a more pleasant one. Just remind them that it would mean their product receives a wider audience and all will be well.

This outfit works with any number of t-shirt and underpants layers, though it is most frustrating when you own a really awesome t-shirt, and it only comes in JUST the jacket layer. I have found that I generally will refrain from purchasing a t-shirt that comes in only one layer [ or with NO UNDERPANTS layer ] simply because I know I will become frustrated one day along the line when I try to wear it under anything. I implore anyone who makes any kind of top to include all layers so that the versatility of the item appeals to those of us who enjoy mixing and matching, jackets and tops, and of course that in doing so you will gain favour of the customer and make more lindens. There are so many wonderful t-shirts in my inventory that I cannot wear with this outfit, and because I love this jacket so, they shall not be seen for some time.

Ok my rant is at its end. But I hope I have inspired many of you to seek the multi layered tops, to support the copyable items, and if you are ever in doubt of something on sale in a shop or vendor, to simply send a polite and simple note card to the designer – it is through feedback that things can change.

You never know, they may make your day. Lucas Lameth made my day by sending me a copyable version of this rosary, now watch me try and take it off.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 5

HAIR: Find Ash ~ Airreal Blade[Neo Black] [tinted]

EYES: (Avatar) ~ Adorable. (rose)


JACKET: Muism ~ LB Jacket/Black

VEST/UNDERSHIRT: Muism ~ 20% transparency Tank top/white


TROUSERS: Muism ~ Vintage Jeans_Rolled up cuff/Dark

SHOES: Kalnins Shoes ~ Gallop

GLOVES: [ akami ] ~ Low Rise Black Gloves

NECKLACE: LUC ~ Mens Style Rosary, Black

RING: [ akami ] ~ Name Engraved Ring {“nitely”-“Muism Mafia”}

MOUTH: Primitive Design ~ cigarette – xx long ash

GUITAR: Nomasha Syaka ~ Gibson Black Beauty

PIERCINGS: Models Own.

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

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