Winter Walks

There is something comforting about Down jackets, perhaps it is their volume, warmth and sleek material. New releases from Muism and Endeavor.

warm winter casual

Endeavor’s new release is this down jacket that comes in variety of colors and designs. If you have seen ordinary prim down jackets on sale before you would know what difference sculpty prims have made to our clothing.  This jacket is no exception in sculpt mastery and texturing.

Another great example of great sculpty work is new jeans from Muism. Take a look how well the blending of the sculpty and jeans is and just how perfect the shape looks, it just fits so natural with just the right amount of wrinkles. Jeans come in male and female versions and with optional belt. Visit Muism store for additional colors.

If you are interested in the tshirt I am wearing underneath – scroll down and click shape image to enlarge for closer look.

You can find Cager Shape by MADesigns in our body perfect collection on level 4.


SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: ARGRACE ~ Baseball Cap -Shaggy -Black

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – delightful green eyes


JACKET: ENDEAVOR ~ Down jacket (Camouflage)

SHIRT: Valiant ~ Snowy Day T-shirt

JEANS: Muism ~ VSL jeans/Dark [with belt]

HEADPHONES: re.act ~ headphones flash (head)

SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ 01 Sneakers Black-stripped

2 responses to “Winter Walks

  1. I agree with what you say about the Muism jeans. I was lucky enough to have the entire set gifted to me and I don’t like taking them off! >.< They look perfect with heels and sneakers, dressed up and down. With the ripped and non-ripped versions, no wonder I’m a fan. The belt buckle is a great touch. There’s a great Union Jack buckle as well.

    I love Cager’s broad nose as well. :p
    Subtle. Beautiful.
    I would pick him out of a crowd for sure.

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