Fur Coat

I can live solely on  releases from Sey. Always inspiring and fun to wear.

Yet another winning release from Risey. There is nothing to say here but ~ wonderfully sey!

I am also showing you preview of the happening series of eyes I am yet to release as well as shape Keison. Poses and backgrounds are also available at MADesigns.

You will find KAISON Shape in our Young and Slim collection. Click the image to get closer look at new eyes.


SKIN: DAMIANI ~ Angel Normal Stubble

HAIR: Gritty Kitty ~ Deadline – blonde

EYES: MADesigns ~ THE HAPPENING – cyan phenomenon


COAT: sey ~ mouton_fur_coat[black/brown]

PANTS: Muism ~ Stripe Button Trouser/Beigi

TURTLENECK: ARMIDI ~ {Gisaci} Classic Cashmere Turtleneck (Under Jacket) – Creme

GLOVES: SAVVY? ~ Teal Riding Gloves

SHOES:  REDGRAVE ~ 01 Loafer -Mocca-

9 responses to “Fur Coat

  1. The jacket looks great, BUT one size DOESN’T fit all! How come an experienced designer like :sey! does no mod attachments. The jacket will stay forever in my inventory, because it’s impossible to wear it, and of course no jacket worths that i change my shape! 😦
    Two thumbs down!!!!

  2. Devon,
    this jacket is not mod because it is resizable via touch menu. Each item that you attach has [resizable] next to it all other items are mod as well like buttons – try clicking on the item as certainly I would never recommend changing the shape to fit item of clothing unless it is your butt as that always needs to be reduced with jackets like these as mentioned in my previous posts.

  3. What a shame on me! I acted as a noobie and worststarted to shoot everywhere before contact the creator. My apologies to sey! again i bought the jacket because it loks great, and i was so ansious to wear it that got frustrated! All prims set now, my jacket is perfect. And I need to wear a brownbag over my face so embarassed I’m. If i only could delete that post ;(
    Thanks Maddox for your help, keep doing this great job!
    I love you man! (Don’t worry Kirk, it’s just an expression 🙂 )

  4. hehe Devon – look I must admit that the same thing happened to me – and not once but few times – I just keep forgetting that most of designers use resize scripts now. so not to worry, we all make mistakes.

  5. There are some items from sey that do not have resize script – if they do not they would definitely be mod in that case. Either way let me know and I will speak to Risey if any problems.

  6. Thank you Maddox. I guess I should have sent the NC to Risey a while ago, but I tend to write items off if I find out they are no mod. Anyway, I’d forgotten about this so I’ll try to take a look later today and let you know if it is no mod.

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