Last chance to visit Ancient Japan

KMADD Winter Party was a complete success – sim was full with capacity turned to 100 (with no crashes) for over 2hrs. Unfortunately, this is your last opportunity  to see Ancient Japan Sim built by KMADD team for our last event for 2008. After today, sim will be stripped for next event for which I am building Roman inspired/ fantasy build for private ceremony of Cheerno Destiny (a.C Store) and his loving partner Deko Vought.

[ click to enlarge ]

Visit KMADD Flickr Group for photos from our guests and photographers.

Build by:
Gahum Riptide, Eve Petlyakov, Aldero Akami, Kirk Claymore and Maddox DuPont
Water effects by Vitrail Illios from New Trails.

Thanks to Costa Rica Sims.

SLURL: Costa Rica Events SIM

One response to “Last chance to visit Ancient Japan

  1. As frustrated as I know you were with finding a unique outfit you did well Maddox. Thank you and Kirk for giving me the opportunity to assist with building the set. I enjoyed what I did and had a smashing time. Plus, I only crashed when taking pics, not by just being there :D.

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