[ akami ] ~ Pip Boy 3000

Today I got my Pip Boy 3000! It has buttons and makes noises and all manner of shiny things.

Click click click for details.

Little bit alternative, little bit too cool for school. Casual Retro.

So to cut a long story short, I have been wearing this Pip Boy [ left wrist ] for over a week now, its just an item from a computer game called Fallout 3, and I don’t know if I can bring myself to take it off. But its cool, and people who play the game love it so its staying there for a while longer. Plus I’m a geek. Anyway this is really what I like to wear in RL, actually might get glasses like that if I can find some, and all these items have been dying to find themselves into an outfit for along time.

As for the blonde hair, I have never been blonde before [ except for fancy dress once in the Studio at Muism ] So this is rather novel for me.

No blonde jokes please.


For these shoes I either needed shorts or prim cuffs, and personally only believe high top shoes like these work with a cuff that does not obscure the top of the shoe. I played this one bold by going for the white trainer, but this works as the rest of my outfit is a busy one. The patches on the knees of the jeans, the tattoo and the print of the T-Shirt all help balance it out.

The MAD hair has been modded slightly to my personal tastes, and with the Boon headphones I am able to re-texture and re-colour all the parts so in this case, in a completely non conceited way… I stuck my name on the back!


SKIN: Abyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[1]A Smooth

HAIR: MADesigns ~ Andy ~ RST II [ edited ]

EYES: (Avatar) ~ Adorable. (rose)


T-Shirt: The Naked.Tree ~ RockingHorse

TATTOO: Garden of Ku ~ Tattoo R&B_GoK_soft 3

JEANS: Emery ~ Denim Track01F


GLASSES: Artilleri ~ buddy glasses

GLOVES: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails

HEADPHONES: booN ~ headphone for neck ume

LEFT WRIST: PipBoy 3000 by Synthos Graves

GUITAR: Gibson Black by Nomasha Syaka

EARINGS: Concave Plugs [ small ] by Ras Nootan

PIERCINGS: Models Own.

Style/Model: Aldero Akami

Photography: Aldero Akami

11 responses to “[ akami ] ~ Pip Boy 3000

  1. My ‘thing’ only comes out once in a while when I’m with a special someone and …… ohhhhhhh the Pip Boy… my bad.

  2. LMAO. For pity’s sake you leave these images lying around the studio and my clients are like, “Ooooh…where did he get *that*” I have to keep the MAD Image blog in my favorites because my sorry butt has to look things up so often. I propose that when there are fashion pics up in the studio the prims can be click and will give or say the html…wait…*I* can do that. I’m *GONNA* do that. >.< Um. You’re win, and I didn’t just think about your wangdoodle kthx.

  3. WANGDOODLE!!! hahah.

    Anyway, YES I thought about having a wall of the MAD Image styles, and when people click on them it takes them to the page of the style. WIN!

    Do it 🙂

    … wangdoodle oh crikey.

  4. Ah…wall of MAD Style! >.< more work. Shoot…and then I forgot I was gonna do it..I’m writing it on my to-do list right now so I don’t forget again! Hopefully tonight…maybe tomorrow. I’ll get them put in. \o/ I hope Madd likes it o.O

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