LeeZu! & Courtisane follow up and what I wore

Yesterday MAD Agency presented LeeZu! & Courtisane Show and this is what I wore.


For link to MAD Agency official show photos and show music track list proceed to the rest of the entry.

I have been so busy with making hair that I have been slack with posting or even dressing for that matter. This weekend show and MADesigns group photo were good excuses to dress up for the occasion.

I recently acquired new suits from Hoorenbeek that come with great selection of colors and complimenting shirts. There are so many layers and options to wear these wonderfully textured pieces that combinations are almost limitless.

I am wearing new hair from MADesigns ~ Alex which was available during the hunt. For more giveaways or updates (new hair is coming out in few days) join KMADD Enterprise Group in-world.


Click on image to view slide show from our show…

As promised here is music play list for LeeZu! & Courtisane Show…



SKIN: Damiani ~ Neo V2 Tan Full Beard

HAIR: MADesigns Hair ~ ALEX ~ DB I

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – brown fine day eyes


SUIT: Hoorenbeek~ Jacket Open Brown

Hoorenbeek~ Pants with Belt Buckle – Brown

SHIRT: Hoorenbeek~ Shirt Opn Tucked Long Sleeves -Light Blue

SHOES: Redgrave ~ Strap Loafer -DarkBrown

GLASSES: Sergeys ~ Glasses Boston Black (unfortunately closed)

5 responses to “LeeZu! & Courtisane follow up and what I wore

  1. Are the bottom of those trousers prims? I love seeing the sculptywork that has been coming out in slacks lately. Has been a while since I’ve been to Hoorenbeek…probably because they have been spamming me since I bought my first pair of sneakers there. >.>

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