…Dundee.. casual

…Dundee.. casual


Wild shirt with suspenders. Casual adult clothes are added.
The hat and Thailand are seen in Dundee



SKIN: Abyss ~ Scorpio_Ra 4[D]

HAIR&HAT: Gritty Kitty~ Barista – black

EYES: MADesigns~ NATURALS – moody grey eyes SMALL


Shirt:  Naith Smit Design~ Fuel for Life -=Outfit=- Mens White

TIE: Muism~ [Lose Skinny Tie]_Jacquard 004 (Male)

TATTOO: Kittylicous~We love Stars Tatoo

JEANS: Kari~ New School Jeans (Black)

SNEAKS: Urban Bomb Unit~ PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

GLASSES: ETD~Chic Aviators (Black Frames)


7 responses to “…Dundee.. casual

  1. Just to let you know Kittylicous is under new ownership… according to the group info.

    Group Notice:
    Kittylicous is under new ownership and will continue to offer the same great products, service, and prices.

    Our new location will open in about a week. I will keep you posted and send out a new notice with Landmark when we are ready.

    Thanks so much,

    ♥ Gypsy Helendale ♥

  2. No problem.. just thought it might be helpful if someone happened to be out looking for the picture tattoo that they will have to wait a few weeks for the new store =)

  3. I must say I love MADesigns. I have sent plenty of people there for their avatars.

    Also thank you so much Landon for the post on Kittylicous. We are open now and still putting out plenty of the inventory. Just shoot me an IM for the tattoo if you don’t see it out yet.


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