[ akami ] ~ Can’t rain all the time

Well I don’t think I have worn this much leather since… well I think since I wore long flexi hair, cowboy boots and a skin with no belly button but we shall not go there right now. I fancied a change from my multi-coloured look and since Maddox had just finished his awesome JIN hair, it sparked a need in me, to break out the leather boots and chains.

I’m going to classify this as a goth look, even though it’s probably not. Apologies to any REAL goths out there!

Urban Goth(ish) Casual Wear.

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Ok, everything is pretty much self-explanatory with this little number. The one thing I will mention, is the tattoo. It is in fact two different tattoos, the upper layer [ shirt layer ] I coloured to match my skin tone, to give it that extra depth. It works fairly well so long as the tattoo layer is modable, and you can get the colour balance right.

Since most of my clothes are black… well it all is… I didn’t want the tattoo to be too heavy, so this process was rather effective in adding some more texture to my arms, but not going into over kill. Keeping an eye on the black colours is always important, as there are different types of black; blue black, green black, red black… mixing all of those up can make a black outfit look odd, and it doesn’t work. If the items are modify then this is usually fixed by tinting the clothes with a dominant colour. I find that jumping on a pose stand and rezzing 4 – 6 bright lights helps you see the true colour of very dark textures, enabling you to tint accordingly.


SKIN: Abyss ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[1]A Smooth

HAIR: MADesigns ~ JIN ~ SB I

EYES: MADesigns ~ SOUL eyes Brown 3


T-Shirt: WMD ~ X-TEE “MonsterSquad” Black tee-shirt Tucked Trama

TATTOO [undershirt]: AITUI – Cemetery /faded/ I

TATTOO [shirt]: iNFLiCT ~ [S] No Remorse *Tintable* [tinted to skin tone]

TROUSERS: Sound Garden ~ Monocrom – Black/ Pants (man)

BOOTS: SiniStyle ~ Blasphemy Boot

GLASSES: Artilleri ~ buddy glasses

GLOVES: SiniStyle ~ Faded Black Nails

NECKLACE: Rawdolls ~ Where were you in ’77? [chocker w chain]

WRISTS: FNKY! ~ Ring Cuff – Black

BELT: Rawdolls ~ Juxtabelt~B – Male

GUITAR: Gibson Black by Nomasha Syaka

EARRINGS: Concave Plugs [ small ] by Ras Nootan

PIERCING S: Models Own.

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