Billy Black Jean


Skin: Damiani ~ Neo V2 Normal Stubble Hair Eyeliner

Hair: MAD Hair ~ Cruz ~ NB II (M)

Eyes: MADesigns ~  STUDIO – black


Jacket: en Svale ~  Denim Jacket_ Black(Male)

T-shirt: Armidi Limited – A ltd. Paris Henley 

Jeans: WMD ~ “Ronin”  Grunge Ripped Low Rise 2009 M2

Shoes:  Redgrave ~ Biker Boots

Necklace: GoldenFleece ~ Black Pearl Tooth & Black Leather Necklace(male)

Accessories: :sey ~ RJK2/glove holder//A-black ,Cigarette-Rolled#1 V.2

4 responses to “Billy Black Jean

  1. Can you point me to the location(s) you found the Denim Jacket, Necklace and Acessories? Many thanks…

    (oh, and the brown shirt)

  2. I’m sorry ,i forgot to add.
    Tee is Armidi Limited – A ltd. Paris Henley

    Tee comes without lower part so you will have to make it by your self and change the colour of it to match the tee.
    In my case i used the lower part of tank top from muism and change it’s colour.

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