Circus of STYLE

We’ve  got a special treat for you today ~ it’s Valentine’s Day so you deserve to be treated.

We at MAD Image have passion for styles and looks that challenge the norm and tend to turn heads and in this case stop the traffic that we simply can not resist inviting guests that in their approach to Second Life fashion have something unique to offer. Garrett Ceriano is one such talent and we got him to post few of his recent concoctions that are sure to liberate the way you dress.

So here he is… enjoy!

My inspiration was all over the place for this ensemble. *laughs*

when “out there” is just a beginning

I have drawn inspiration from the past, present, and future:  Geisha?, Circus tamer, 70’s color palette . All tied together in a retro post-modern appearance. A sophisticated and quirky, androgynous look for the animal inside of all of us.

I wore this to the Mechanism fashion show @ KMADD as well as the Nuit Blanche Fashion Show put on by Best of Second life (BOSL) &  Studio Red Productions.

Some of my inspiration for this look  came from the interior of the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.  Two of my favourite looks, Geisha’s and Circus tamers, worked into one which made for a new and unusual combination. There is no doubt that the 70’s have reincarnated in regards to color schemes as of late, thus the browns, deep reds, and golds were added to this look.

Every guy out there should not fear androgyny. If women world over have let go of fear in appearing masculine,  we men can let go of our fear as well and be man enough to allow ourselves to be little less rugged and a bit more softer looking? If not in real life, certainly in Second Life there ought not be fear. We are here to explore, experiment and be whoever we like to be.

“Your world ~ your imagination” Right?

So wear a female skin, female hair, prim nails and even heels (given you can modify them).  But don’t overdo it by adding too many feminine elements in one outfit as there is a balance and art to androgyny and you certainly don’t want to look female.

You may experiment to find your own formula, this is just an example of my own…


I have altered the tint and length of the pants.


Red: 255
Green: 214
Blue: 140

Hue: 39
Sat: 100
Lum: 78

All Pants variables set to “0” except for length. Length is set at “90”.


Layer adjustment:

Sweater is shirt layer. Shirt fit set to “0”.


I originally bought these shoes to wear to the Graves Fashion Show, however, they did not fit my male avatars feet at the time. I contacted the creator and had re-size script put into them for me so you might not find them for male feet unless you attempt to contact Digit Darkes leaving an IM proclaiming “I NEED TRANNY SHOES!”, shoe name, etc; *laughs*


Prims were adjusted to make the glasses appear more streamlined as the prims were not exactly lined up as good as they could be, I still love them though.


I really do not remember where I picked this up but it came in a fat pack with a handful of colors.  Search for on Xstreetsl or in search.


SKIN: Nikita Fride ~ !Skin Tiger Fighter Angry

HAIR: Alpha Hair ~ CB Class 5 Base / Black Gold (r)

EYES: MADesigns ~ NATURALS – true brown eyes

TATTOO: Tiki Tattoo  ~ Huxley 1&2 (undershirt & underwear layers)


JACKET: Sweetest Goodbye ~  Monocrom – Brown/ Jacket with Shirt (man)

SHIRT: Sweetest Goodbye ~ One Way – Red (shirt) with cuffs (man)

GLOVES: [ Akami ] ~ Low Black Gloves

PANTS: Sweetest Goodbye ~ Monocrom – Brown/ Jacket with Shirt (man)

SOCKS: Artilleri ~  Jonas socks

SHOES: Digit Darkes ~ Paris Boot – Black/Gold v 2.0 (mine were made to fit my male feet by Digit, may not be in store. I think in the store they are version 1.4 )

GLASSES: Paper Couture ~ Logo Aviators – Umber

ACCESSORIES: Paper Couture ~ Leather Scales outfit- Feathers attachment (worn on chest),

*SarahNerd* ~  Sweet Ass Handlebar Mustache (Jet Black)

5 responses to “Circus of STYLE

  1. Hey, this isn’t fair! This isn’t an outfit!
    This is a work of art!
    Please do more for us, Garrett. Your creating wearable, pixel art.

  2. A very tasteful ensemble a true work of art! Men SHOULD get in touch with their feminine side and free themselves on secondlife.

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