Frustrated with BBCode in SL Forums?

I am now known to wine on my blog and vent my frustrations about LL or anything really, but this issue just pushed my buttons in the right way so here I am.

As a content creator who uses SL Forums to post new releases it is important to me that customers who read those notices are able to simply click on my SLURL, blog link  and other BBCode related items to get where they need to go.

So what happens if they are unable to do it? Well, does anyone bother copying and pasting these in new browser since like me I presume most people are either lazy or don’t have time to do it as there are lot of notices to go through every day.

So, I decided to raise this issue with LL once again via JIRA.

I received my resolution soon after which said “issue resolved: duplicate” and sent me to the original JIRA issue which is still open and unresolved since June 2007.

What I do not understand is why Linden Lab is unable to make small issues like these fixed? As I said in my comment on this issue it is small frustrations like these that give bad press to LL and make us less tolerant and forgiving when big issues happen.

Not resolving BBCode is bad for our business, it is bad for LL as well not only because of the perception and lack of confidence we have in them as they are unable to resolve small issues so how would they resolve the big ones(??) but also it is bad for their busine$$ as well. If we do not earn well, they do not earn well also and in today’s fickle economy this is not something you would want to ignore.


I found this in comments, it is far from resolution but it may help curb your frustration when you next visit SL Forums.

A firefox add on named linkification.

This will make all your links working in forums IF you are on FireFox.

“Your world ~ Our frustration” the slogan should be.

3 responses to “Frustrated with BBCode in SL Forums?

  1. It really amazes me how LL plays against those that move SL economy. Between, linkification doesn’t work in Firefox beta version

  2. Yes well that’s what they told us when they switched it off as to a reason why. It really does not make sense as an explanation since they have done nothing about it.

    Switch it off 2 days before you do it – lol.

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