Totally Frivolous!

A totally frivolous and whimsical hat from Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon.


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We all have favorite outfits that are a delight to wear. This is one of mine.


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On Fashion Drama…

I do not know, you might have noticed or not but yesterday there was a nasty comment left on MAD Image post written by Thalia Jie which has now been deleted. I am usually the one responsible for checking all new comments before their publication to ensure they have relevance to the post. Unfortunately, we get so few attacks on here that this one has sneaked passed me.

I am all for people expressing their opinion as long as they stand behind their words. Anonymous comments are simply not worth either reading nor publishing and will ALWAYS be deleted on MAD Image.

We love fashion but we can not stomach fashion drama it is simple as that.

When I started MAD Image my mission was to have clean and drama free blog: the one that helps designers rather than criticize them or try to destroy their reputation with rumors, attacks, lies and other low tactics.

Yes of course I realized these kind of posts would draw more public attention than style cards for example and it is almost guaranteed they would always pull higher number of clicks but what many authors of such blogs do not realize is that they also cheapen you, your word, your reputation. When you actually do have something to say it will be like boy crying wolf, no one would really care or take you seriously.

Drama = never worth it.

Cyber Angel Earrings

These pretty “cyber angel earrings” were the inspiration for this outfit.


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New Hair @ MADesigns

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Jeremy is longish style once again, similiar to James released previously but with no distinct side path, more of a messy look at the front with tidy sides, back and top of the head. Plenty of flexy for movement and once again no prim spared hair from MADesigns.

As with all our releases both eyes and shapes are available for sale @ MADesigns store – see our store lobby for details.

See our complete collection here.


MADesigns @ KMADD City.

Just Add a Hat!

I adore hats in Second Life and in real life.


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