LeLutka Spring

One of my favorites from the LeLutka Spring releases.


< complete style credits after the jump >

A simple classic sheath dress, the addition of a sculptie attachment at the waist gives the entire dress a beautiful line and silhouette.



Skin: LeLutka ~ MMS NewYork Light makeup2b

Hair: Hair: Laqroki ~ Radiant in Pearl

Eyes: MADesigns STUDIO ~ brown Flamboyant eyes (light veins)

Manicure: Baiastice ~ Prim Nails in Long/Pearl


Gown: LeLutka ~ Leona in Pepper

Hose: Insolence ~ Carmen Shiny Light Grey Pantyhose

Earrings: Styles of edo ~ Classic Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

Necklace: Styles of edo ~ Classic Akoya Pearl Triple Strand Necklace

Watch: Muse ~ Classic Tank Watch in Black/Gold

Shoes: Baiastice ~ Stiletto Crocc in black

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

7 responses to “LeLutka Spring

  1. Thalia, I keep forgetting to compliment you on your articles your going a wonderful job. This is the first blog I read every morning. Aspen

  2. Aspen, thank you so much. That’s such a lovely compliment. I always knew there was a reader out there, somewhere 🙂

  3. The only person in the world, Maddox, that would think Thalia had no readers, is Thalia, because she’s modest like that, silly girl. I’ve no doubt at all she has more readers than those dire drama-queen blogs.

  4. Oi! … Will you two please stop talking about me!
    *muttering under her breath* and on my page, too!

    Let’s try this *hands M0lly a glass of pinot noir, Maddox a cup of herbal tea and pours herself a Dirty Martini” … I like readers who post comments … feedback, ideas, links to other blogs … their own fashion finds …

    *looks pointedly at the reader* are you listening?

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