New Hair & Shapes @ MADesigns

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JAMES is medium length hair with sexy path at the front, abundant in flexis for movement and small details for realism. I encourage ladies to try this hair as well.

Shapes ROYCE and RAYER used for this vendor are also available on LEVEL 3 of MADesigns Store in Young & Slender  Collection.

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As you might be aware MADesigns hair has undergone retexturing as new colors have been introduced. During that time we took the opportunity to redo some of our styles and correct fit and prim work on all of them.

Although we were unable to update our customers with new hair as colors have changed, every KMADD Enterprise Group member has received today 25 styles FREE in 1 new color for each to test and see if they would be worth repurchasing.

If you would like to get some free hair but you are not a member, simply join KMADD Enterprise group and claim the gift from past notices. To join the group simply visit MADesigns store and you will receive your invitation.

Location: MADesigns Store LEVEL 5 or Search > Places > KMADD > MADesigns Store

Here is how to do it:

communicate > contacts > groups > kmadd enterprise group > info > notices > click twice on date tab > click on free hair notice (sort by date and look for post published on 3/31/2009) > open attachment > enjoy!


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