Skin: Damiani ~ Neo V2 Normal Stubble Hair Eyeliner

Hair: MAD Hair ~ BRAD ~ Black Muted IV(M)

Eyes: MADesigns ~  STUDIO – black



Jeans: *BADBOY*  Black Uk  Jeans Low Rise 2009

Shoes:  [Armidi Gisaci] Alto Belmiro – Dark Gray

Glasses: sole accessory ~vairocana alfa~  Black

Bag: [Armidi Gisaci]

5 responses to “Shopaholic

  1. Where BADBOY Store?
    I search in Second Life and not see.
    In Mad Designer Directory dont have landmark.
    You can help me?

    • BAD BOY devision of WMD has opened exclusively @ KMADD City. I have not had a chance to add it to directory but it is just as you get outside of MADesigns store on the corner as you go to the second part of the sim, where DMC used to be. You will LOVE these jeans Febra, they are my favorite.

  2. I am not sure if Maruko release them yet ,but you can look at WMD store by Maruko Sakigake,if they are not there you will have to wait.

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