Female HAIR @ MADesigns

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After a lot of pleasant nagging from female clients who never seem to get enough of hair, it was time to start designing styles JUST for ladies.

Today, we released our first 2 female hair styles – so be kind.

I must say hair making process for female was enjoyable and although quite different from making hair for men and at first it appeared quite easy due to less amount of prims used, each style probably has taken as long or if not longer to make regardless.

Thalia and Greta are more classic, elegant styles that would appeal to women dressing for more formal occasions. But as you know there is no limit to what you can do with hair, so surprise me!

And by the way, we got plenty more styles to come already; some unisex, some couture, some retro and eventually longer hair will be on offer as well of course. These will be released for HAIR FAIR ’09 so stay tuned!

As with all our releases both eyes and shapes used on our hair vendors will be available for sale @ MADesigns store – see our store lobby for details or join KMADD Enterprise Group for updates.

You can see our complete HAIR Collection currently on offer here.


MADesigns @ KMADD City.


We are pretty much releasing hair every week so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group. Exclusve previews and giveaways are only available to KMADD Members.

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