MADesigns HAIR Fair teasers

I managed to complete all teasers yesterday for what will be on offer from MADesigns during this year’s HAIR FAIR starting on 20th of June.

This year’s theme is candy land and we hope that you like our store we made to fit with that theme.

[ click to get closer look ]

So what is on offer?

Well, since MADesigns HAIR debuts this year at Hair Fair we thought we get out of our way to please everyone – both male & female.


[ click to get closer look ]

This elegant up do was made using RL reference image, it fits easily and has quite simple natural form. Anessa is quite versatile style so you can really wear it everyday with a fabulous dress or at night with a gown. Watch out for some styling ideas from Thalia Jie on this blog.

[ click to get closer look ]

Lily must be one of my personal favorites. I purposely did not show the back of Lily and for me it is the best part. As you can see from the vendor Lily comes in 2 versions – 2 different fringes – both are included in the pack. Very retro, couture style – a statement piece.


[ click to get closer look ]

And now for best sellers. Jude must be one of the cutest styles that will rival Akami hair style I made that everyone loved so much. You need to check the back on this one as well – it is all fine prim work with no flexi alphas that cut into your neck or volume building sculpties. This is hair how it should be with lots of detail.


Ok I will classify these as male hair but I know ladies will want to buy these as well. But for now I just want guys to think I was thinking only of them when I made these.

[ click to get closer look ]

[ click to get closer look ]

We are please to announce that we have joined forces with HOORENBEEK team to bring you these wonderful collection of hats. And plenty more to come too for both male and female.

I am unable to show you all designs that we have in store for you as yet as I am hoping that these will be done for the HAIR FAIR – so I am just showing you one example of each.

Fedoras have 3 hat positions with 3 similar hair styles for each in every color pack. That’s 9 hairs for 300L still.

Same with caps – there are 2 hair versions for each.

Texture/color will be changeable on touch.

What is great about these hats and what differentiates them from others currently available is that they are MODIFY so they can really be fitted well, they also offer alternative hat positions and hair variations and far more colors than similar models. We hope you enjoy them.


Hair Demos should appear in MADesigns store for all of these within this week – before the hair fair. You will be able to demo them but will not be able to buy them till the hair fair.


All these styles will only be available for purchase @ HAIR FAIR . Closer to the date we will publish the SLURL on this blog or join KMADD Enterprise group for updates – LM would be sent there as well.

We hope to see you at HAIR FAIR this year – place certainly looks like lot of fun – let’s hope the lag will allow us to move.

Remember: if you are not naked you are wearing too much.

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