Melusine Ballgown

Evangeline Miles, the designer behind the Evie’s Closet label, created this spectacular gown for the “SwanSong” show at the Black Swan sim.


< complete style credits after the jump >



Skin: Damiani ~ Skye Lucious Cherry Cashmire

Hair: @Waffles! ~ Turn It Around (Le.Look! exclusive) in Blueberry

Eyes: MADesigns EYES ~ ABYSS – coral sea

Manicure: TBP [The Body Politik] ~ Prim Nails Square Tip


Gown: Evie’s Closet ~ Melusine Ballgown

Shoes: FNKY! ~ Pumps Ankle Strap in Blue

Earrings and Necklace: Paper Couture ~ Sapphire and Diamonds Set

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

2 responses to “Melusine Ballgown

  1. Thalia…Lovely dress (thanks for showing the back it makes the dress even more beautiful) Vivid colors with a nice texture makes this designers dress exceptional. Love the hair.Too bad more people don’t dress up in SL…we have beautiful designers and really not many places to show off our outfits! Men included. Keep up the great work! from Aspen Parx a Dashin Beau Brummell!

  2. Aspen, I heard a rumor that Maddox is going to be hosting some KMADD events … so maybe it’s time to dust off your Beau Brummell outfit!

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