Body Wrap

No outfit is every really complete without a hat.


< complete style credits after the jump >

The “Totah Body Wrap” from Ty Zvezda is a sculptie outfit in three separate pieces. The soft shading shown in this ivory white color isn’t done by post processing, the designer Alan Edison has actually created this soft shadow tones on the dress itself, so it looks remarkably realistic inworld.

It’s not exactly a “click and wear” piece, because sculptie pieces do take a little tweaking to fit a shape. Alan has thoughtfully added the dimension of the body shape used for the sculptie shape in a notecard included with the dress.

I found that by adjusting my shape to the torso dimensions in Alan’s notecard, I had a perfect fit in only a few seconds. The shape was then saved in the outfit folder, just as you would a system skirt shape.



Skin: PXL Creation Boutiques ~ Kim in Sunkissed/CatsEye Pink

Hair: PXL skin hairbase skin

Eyes: MADesigns EYES ~ ABYSS – coral sea

Manicure:TBP [The Body Politik] ~ Prim Nails Square Tip


Dress: Ty Zvezda ~ Totah Body Wrap in Ivory

Shoes: Maitreya Gold ~ Shanti in Nude

Earrings: Muse ~ Blanche Earrings in Gold

Bracelets: Muse ~ Blanche Bracelets in Gold

Hat: LeLutka ~ Dora in Cornsilk

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

8 responses to “Body Wrap

  1. If I could only WHISTLE on this blog! WOW …you always one up yourself everytime you post. I must admit the hat and outfit go together you did it I’ll never know. I noticed that you picked just the right skin tone to compliment the outfit and hat.You make it look so simple…we know it’s not to look this good in SL. Here’s to looking at you Thalia!

  2. Di, Aspen, Chance … thank you all so much for the feedback.
    I adore getting comments, especially when they are complimentary 🙂

  3. This is an absolute beautiful outfit. I do like the consideration the designer had in making a NC to modify the shape. Some consumers are totally oblivious when it comes to adjusting their shape to make an outfit fit better. They would rather complain and ditch great outfits, then take 5 minutes to “learn” how to work with them. The hat with this outfit is brilliant.

    • It is excellent tip indeed. MADesigns also provides this information with most of our shapes and even hair. Shape always needs to be adjusted for hair, clothing, skins. I think people forget about this because they think I do not change my shape in RL so why would I in SL and they become precious about it.

      The truth is your shape changes in RL probably more than in SL, you just do not notice it till change is drastic and you have to buy new set of clothes to fit you better.

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