Bright Lights

SkinTight has released a new BrightLights skin range.


< complete style credits after the jump >

Dramatic and striking, the BrightLights series from SkinTight is one of the most spectacular and unique skins out on the grid right now.



Skin: SkinTight ~ BrightLights *02 in Brulee [with hairbase]

Hair: Laqroki ~ Tess

Eyes: Muism ~ Shiny Eyes Dark Violet


Gown: Entre Mares Designs ~ Poker Face [creator Sykao Adamski]

Hose: Glanz ~ Metallic Pantyhose in Silver/Black

Gloves: Mimikri hot couture ~ Gloves in Black

Boots: J’s ~Thigh High Boots

Earrings: Paper Couture ~ Oversized Enamel Loop Earrings

Bracelets (L): Zaara ~ Patra silver bracelet

Bracelets (R): UZURI ~ Amazon Silver Bracelet

Ring: UZURI ~ Amazon Silver Ring

Ring (L): Paper Couture ~ Times Square Ring

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

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