KMADD Enterprise (MADesigns) is proud sponsor of this year’s SKIN/SHAPE Expo.

Personally, I’ve always found a little bit strange that we had many skin expos but never SKIN/SHAPE Expo.  For anyone that knows anything about shapes or skins – good skin is only as good as shape that wears it and vice versa.

Perhaps a reason for this could be that many believed that shapes were easy to make. Yet we all know that just because someone can rezz a cube this does not make them a great builder.

Over time people realized that skin creators do not make good shape makers and as the need for better shapes grew so did the shape business. Today, shapes as a product are so varied – from basic generic shapes, to celebrity shapes, to limited edition and custom shapes to more complex styles/looks/personas and even complete avatars.

We hope you will find time to visit this year’s SKIN/SHAPE Expo to celebrate with us this great event and support not only our talented and diverse content creators but also a good cause (donating to Susan G Koman for the cure).

We hope to see you there!


This year’s slogan for MADesigns Shapes ad campaign has been “Live your dreams”. And who can better capture this slogan than Absinthe Primrose, shape shifter extraordinaire. This is why we invited her to style collection of 10 MADesigns shapes for this years SKIN/SHAPE Expo.

When she is not modeling for MAD Agency or landing her creative talent to Studio Red events management team; Absinthe spends countless hours putting together lavish outfits rich in detail and character. These looks take hours to complete/ source items for and the result as you can see is absolutely stunning.

To match the immaculate styling of these ladies are shapes by Maddox DuPont. Each shape comes with personalised body adjustment.


DEMOs available.

When you purchase any of these amazing shapes @ introductory offer of L$899 (usually L$1000) ONLY DURING EXPO  75% is donated to cancer research.

[ click on images to get a closer look ]


We would just like to remind you that all MADesigns shapes come with free personalized adjustment; if the body is not to your liking by simply contacting us we can make changes to suit your needs. If you feel confident however making changes yourself know that all MADesigns shapes are MODIFY and have correct proportions already that all you need to do is change body thickness, shape height and muscle tone to achieve desired look.

MADesigns @ SKIN_SHAPE Expo 09



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