One of the best things that has happened to MADesigns Female collection this year was Thalia Jie. Thalia who most of you know as regular on MAD Image blog has helped restyle almost our entire collection in addition almost daily posts on MAD Image and new releases that have seen MADesigns female collection triple in size.

Very soon you will see Female shapes departmentalized at MADesigns in similar way as male collection, which would make it easier to select a shape based on style, build or age. But until then we thought we make it easier for you, so same as we did with male collection during Expo we basically hand picked around 50 female shapes some of our very best, the ones that we liked and our customers said they like. And that is in addition to 8 shapes that you see on this page done by the one and only Thalia Jie.

All our shapes are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER


In addition to this we have included MADesigns HAIR & EYES with each shape (where applicable). That’s up to L$600 worth of value but only for purchases during the Expo.

DEMO Female collection of shapes during Expo and receive FREE pair of MADesigns Eyes and Hair – it is our gift to you. (gift is included within demo package)

[ click on images to get a closer look ]


We would just like to remind you that all MADesigns shapes come with free personalized adjustment; if the body is not to your liking by simply contacting us we can make changes to suit your needs. If you feel confident however making changes yourself know that all MADesigns shapes are MODIFY and have correct proportions already that all you need to do is change body thickness, shape height and muscle tone to achieve desired look.

MADesigns @ SKIN_SHAPE Expo 09


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