Vintage Hero

MAD Image Vintage Hero 1

MAD Image Vintage Hero 2

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SKIN: &Bean ~ Closer Norm Tom Semi

EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ NATURALS – Studio Black (Less Veins)


JACKET: TheZoo ~ #1 Aviator Jacket

SHIRT: TheZoo ~ #1 Aviator White Shirt

COLLAR & SLEEVE PRIMS: SF Design ~ Winter Jacket

PANTS: ! NU i ~ Color Chinos Gray01

SHOES: WMD ~ Rboots Multicolor

HAT: Ce Cubic Effect ~ Winter Knit (Dark Gray)

GLOVES: Yuli ~ GX Fingerless Gloves Black

BELT: Kalnins ~ Elegance

GOGGLES: Find Ash ~ Driver’s Goggle

CIGARETTE: Gentleman Store ~ Napalm V.2

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