Let the birds lead the way

MAD Image is pleased to announce  Chance Greatrex as a new MAD Image stylist – welcome to KMADD team!


I am thrilled and excited to join the MAD Image team of stylists! Thank you so much for inviting me!

I wanted to create a dreamy look for this first post that fit the time of the year.

Halloween couture, in the dark forest. Lost yet fabulous.

Face Couture

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NEW Hair @ MADesigns

[ click on image to get a closer look ]


Our new series of releases has started with more edgy style called SMITH (shown below). Continuing in this series are 3 additional unisex styles that you can punk up or wear with hair base skins. Try them in metal or club black for more extreme look.

You can see our complete HAIR Collection currently on offer here.


MADesigns @ KMADD City.


We are pretty much releasing hair every week so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group. Exclusive previews and giveaways are only available to KMADD Members.