MAD Image Cheerno 1

MAD Image Cheerno 2

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SKIN: Cheerno ~ Glox Venus.SUM#3 Base [BalD] EB.b

HAIR: Cheerno ~ Trend Color [Black Pearl]

EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ MIRRORS – Vanity


SHIRT: Cheerno ~ Montage Cubolandia

PANTS: Cheerno ~ JEANSWear CUTEline [Pants]

SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit ~ PornStar Lo-Tops

TIE: Cheerno ~ Montage Cubolandia Tie

NECKLACE: Cheerno ~ Montage Cubolandia Necklace

SUNGLASSES: Cheerno ~ Montage Cubolandia TV glasses

BRACELET: Cheerno ~ Ball Bracelets Yellow

WAIST: Cheerno ~ Montage Yellow Sun Moleton (Yellow Sun Outfit)

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