Urban Male For Fall

Maike's Look Of The Day

Maike's Look Of The Day

<complete style credits after the jump>



Hair : “Find Ash “Solid Wave[Neo Black]

Eyes: MADesigns STUDIO – green – Deep eyes

Skin: -Belleza- Mathieu tan 3-E


Tee: *Connors* CountryBoy_Beige

Sweater: *Connors* V Cut and Sewn -Dark

Jeans: *BLITZED* Jean’s – Squad – blue tone 2

shoes: Kboots Black

Belt: [MANDALA] Kookai Belt /Black

Glasses: [BUKKA]Sunglasses “goch”

Gloves: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails

Necklace: The Golden Fleece-Black Pearl Tooth & Black leather

Style/ Model: Maike Dragonash

Photographer: Maddox DuPont

6 responses to “Urban Male For Fall

  1. When I go to do a search for Kboots, there is no such thing. Is there a landmark avaiable or maybe the name of the creator?

  2. You can also find them by searching Places for “Treads” as that is the owner’s brand name. I *think* when I did that I got an LM to the Exile main store and it was on sale down at the dock outside the actual shop.

    I just wish they sold more than the one type as these are possibly the best made and most versatile boots I have seen for guys (but then I don’t get out much so whadda I know :D)

  3. Thank you for the additional information, Mojo — the boots are really well made and have no invisiprims so they are not distorted on the many alpha surfaces that avatars walk or dance on. They are available in brown as well as black and on Xstreet SL as well if you wish to gift them.

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