New Hair Colors & FREE Hair @ MADesigns

We have released new hair colors today and our FREE hair style SLIDE is textured in all new colors so you can use it to sample the palette.


  • MADesigns colors were created with the most popular skins in mind – ensuring your skin tone and eyebrows won’t clash with a color of your hair.
  • Our hair colors are hand painted and do not use RL hair source giving us  more control over how the texture looks.
  • As our hair colors vary in texture they are able to communicate smoothness and thickness of hair, depth of color and transparency (you will not find one type of texture done in all colors in our store).


  • We perfected and kept our previous colors, adding number of new shades customers have been asking for. Please note: color names and groups might have changed slightly in this release.
  • We introduced Multi-tonal colors for added realism.
  • Metal, Black Shine and Club Black are new & exciting colors in our black range.
  • We added Ash Gray broadening white/silver colors often neglected by hair designers.
  • We also expanded our red hair collection adding brightness and richness to it.
  • The most exciting in this release is single color collection which offers customer unique colors not present in color packs for as low as L$180L.
  • You can now purchase each color pack at a discount (all reds, all blondes, all blacks, all browns) as well as our complete color collection which attracts more than 50% discount.

LOCATION: MADesigns Store Level 5


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