Classic Style

MAD Image Classic 1

MAD Image Classic 2

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SKIN: Damiani ~ Neo V2 Normal Goatie Eyeliner

HAIR: MADesigns ~ BOYD ~ NB II

EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ PROMISE – Blue Pale 9


JACKET: Styles of Edo ~ 2009 Tuxedo3 Jacket With Paisley Vest Black

SHIRT: Styles of Edo ~ 2008 Wing White Shirt With Black Bow Tie

PANTS: Styles of Edo ~ 2009 Tuxedo Pants Black

SHOES: Styles of Edo ~ Odysseus Shoe In Snake & Black Leather

POCKET WATCH: Styles of Edo ~ Classic Gentleman’s Pocket Watch Platinum Case

RING: Loaq ~ Heaven Multitexture Ring

CIGAR: Cheerno Tabang Cigar Mouth Grung On

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