MAD Punk

MAD Punk 1

MAD Punk 2

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SKIN: Damiani ~ Noah Eyeliner Tan


EYES: MADesigns EYES ~ STUDIO – Black (Less Veins)


SHIRT: Aoharu ~ BT_Tank_Black/Guitar

PANTS: Amerie ~ 2.k.o.F Pants (M)

SHOES: ROT ~ Variant Boots

TATTOO: Devol ~ Criminal Chain Tattoo

NECKLACE: LOAQ ~ Multitextures Necklace With Razor Blade

EARRINGS: B.D.Style ~ Earrings Set4 Man

NOSE PIERCING: StarPiercing ~ Lee (Modded)

GLOVES: Sinistyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

BRACELET: Blitzed ~ Chorus Bracelet Black

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