SHIKI Autumn Collection ~ post show notes


Client: SHIKI

Agency: MAD Agency

Show coordinator & host: Risa Bright (MAD Agency director and Lead Model)

Set design/ Music & Show host: Maddox DuPont

Special Menitons: Gahum Riptide (designer of Japanese Gardens) and Aldero Akami for lighting.

Location: KMADD Events sim


See video made by TommyLee Nightfire of SHIKI Show.


Official Fashion show photos our on KMADD Flickr ~ preview highlights below or view larger complete slide show version.

[ click images to get a closer look ]


Tonight’s collection of music was a mixture of Japanese traditional/electronic pre-show music and typical runway music with Autumn feel.

Shiki Tracklist

MAD Agency Info

If you would like MAD Agency to produce a show for you please contact Risa Bright for more details. Here is the list of some of our previous clients.

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