Skin: CheerNo ~ HOMMESkin ZANZA [SCAR]

Eyes: MADesigns EYES – MIRRORS – confidence

Hair: MADesigns HAIR ~ SETH ~ DBR III


Ear Piercing: MANDALA ~ SOUL Ear Piercing /Black

Face Pierce: MANDALA ~ Face Pierce -Black-

Bracelet : MANDALA ~ REIKI Bracelet Black Stone/Male

Necklace: MANDALA ~ Soul Necklace/MALE/Black -A-

Scarf: Armidi Gisaci ~ Sandsbrook Scarf [Charcoal]

Pants: -SG- Galife Pants Black M

Tattoo: dEVOL ~ FujinRaijin-karajishi TATTOO

Boots: Abyss ~ NAU Combat Boots [Unisex]

Style/Model/Photography: Tact Arida

One response to “SETH

  1. wow great styling Tact! The pants remind me of MC Hammer pants mixed with a bit of military styling from the Rhythm Nation music video by Janet Jackson lol maybe its the use of army boots that add to this wacky image I currently have. Great look anyways! 🙂

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