A Dash of Colour

Introducing Twisted Lemon to MAD Image blog. Please make her feel welcome.



I was at a loss to know what to blog for my first post in such illustrious company, and its such a privilege to join the team – and then I remembered Thalia’s words…”Its not about the latest trend, its about the look you’ve put together from the things you love in your inventory.”  So here is my first post – smart-casual, silky and fun.  Inspired by the artist Miro, it’s elegant and easy.

Lady Thera 1

<Complete Style Credits after the jump>

Lady Thera 2


Skin: ~ [LeLutka] Eclat Fair – makeup 3 (DARK BROWS) hairbase_freckles

Hair: ~ barberyumyum* 16/black

Eyes: ~ Miriel Realistic Eyes – Aquamarine

Nails: ~ Candy Nail #NS000 Basic Dark Red


Shirt & Pants: ~ Lady Thera – Miro Silk Constellation

Shoes: ~ Tesla Diva 2 Rouge

Hose: ~ Lascap Despres – bas noirs

Bag: ~ ETD City Handbag (Red Croc)

Jewellery: ~ Zaara Karmuka necklace *colored silver* (worn backwards)

~ Zaara Pratha silver cuff – turquoise

Style/Model/Photography: Twisted Lemon

5 responses to “A Dash of Colour

  1. Twis … welcome to Mad Image.
    Congratulations on a wonderful first post.
    Great styling.
    I really like the necklace worn backwards … I wish I’d though of that!
    Now I’m off to buy the stockings! That’s a lovely detail.

  2. oh wow I just saw necklace as well – great idea and welcome Twis

    now Pinklady to answer your question…

    As a hair & shape maker I can tell you that all hair needs to be fitted and even adjusting hair is usually not enough – shape for example needs to be modified in some cases especially in forehead area. If you got a problem with bangs check forehead angle & head length value of your shape – each shape is different and hair creators usually use themselves when they build hair to fit so it is likely that shapes are not identical.

    Just to let you know that changing these values ever so little will not change your overall look so do not be afraid to make these changes and always make the copy of both shape and hair before modifying.

  3. lovely first post congrats!! btw Thera’s clothes is always fashion!! i loved what you did with the necklace running to get me one now 😀

  4. Thank you all for your lovely welcome! I’m going to have fun, I can tell.

    Further to Maddox’s comments, Pinklady, no, in this case there was no modification to the hair. I’ve learnt that head size is important – I usually have mine set to 50 or under – and there was no photoshopping of the hair in this post either.

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