MAD Gig 1

MAD Gig 2

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SKIN: Signature ~ Fire – Seraph – Shaved (Hair)

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – Happy Blue Pale Eyes SMALL


SWEATER: Connors ~ Sweater – Light Gray

PANTS: Coco ~ Slim Fit Pants (Olive) Pants

SHOES: [ Hoorenbeek ] ~ Patagonia 2.0 – Loose – Men – Used Wheat

HAT: Coco ~ Knit Cap Light Gray

GUITAR BAG: Sey ~ Guitar Bag/B (Texture Changeable)

MOUTH: Somethin’ In Your Mouth ~ Guitar Pick Heart


5 responses to “Gig

  1. Great look Dimitri I love your style \o/ loving the skin also. Just one little important tip to use, remember to shift hold while resizing images, bottom two pics look a little mis-shaped in the face.

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