KMADD City Renovations

Huge changes to the current KMADD set up are just around the corner. This post explains the reasons for the change and will give you a peek at exciting times ahead.

For the past 3 years, KMADD City visitors have enjoyed the convenience of having the top brands for men all in one place. During this time we offered free stores to over 100 established and up and coming designers for men, thus increasing their exposure and popularity. We provided a one-stop-shop for style and appearance services/products that have improved the lives of thousands of residents.

As KMADD City has grown, so has KMADD as a brand. Originally, MADesigns only had male shapes, but now caters to both male and female clientele – offering shapes, hair, skin and eyes.

Due to the natural progression of our business, the space at KMADD City has become limited. We are not only in need of more prims to be able to keep releasing new products, but all the unique textures on the sim have created lag – which has impacted on your shopping experience at KMADD. Therefore, some changes to our current set up were needed.

On November 25th, KMADD City will be closed and cleared out completely to make way for the new KMADD store. This store will combine all our products and services (MAD Agency, MAD Image, MAD Studio) under one roof. While our initial plans will be focused on our own brand, rest assured we will not forget our KMADD City Designers.

Top Row (L-R): Wavie Heller (Valiant), Raven Pennyfeather (RFYRE),  Maddox Dupont (MAdesigns/KMADD), Kirk Claymore (MADesigns/KMADD), Shai Delacroix (Casa Del Shai),  Chloris Hathor  (Indigo/Viva La Glam),  Serjordan Bonetto  (Emery), Yelmer Pfeffer  (Alphamale)

Bottom Row (L-R):  Antonia Marat (Artilleri),  Starley Thereian (Moderno),  Cheerno Destiny (a.C. Store), Akemi Yoshikawa (Akeyo)

Fashion has always been an integral part of our business and it will continue to be so in new and exciting ways. Some of the things we planned are:

– TIMELESS WARDROBE – classic timeless pieces for both men and women
– NEW RELEASES – new fashion releases from 100s of stores in one place
– SEASON PICKS – MAD Image stylists will pick key items of the season
– FREEBIES – top brands & their freebies
– EXCLUSIVES – exclusive fashion items found no where else but at KMADD

Helping us manage the enormous workload of putting all this together will be our new appointed KMADD manager Eve Petlyakov. Rest assured that all customer service inquiries will still be handled by me and my partner Kirk Claymore. Eve will be more focusing on public relations and the implementation of new marketing strategies. Eve will also be managing designers and educating KMADD customers on the products and services available to them.

KMADD is committed to bringing you the best in both male and female fashion in an exciting new format that saves time and keeps you up to date with latest season looks, without having to hunt across the grid or visit stale mall stores.

So with only two weeks left, now is the time to visit KMADD City and shop till you drop! You can obtain a list of brands currently available at KMADD (KMADD City Designer directory) and direct teleport to their store from KMADD City information panel in our store (near tp).

Stay tuned for further updates and offical opening event details for new KMADD.


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