Designers United Vaudeville

The Designers United Vaudeville exhibition has opened. The event theme is vaudeville, and it’s filled with delightful whimsical, flirtatious and simply lovely pieces.

You’ll find Designers United Vaudeville at “Le quartier des boutiques” But don’t leave it too late, Designers United Vaudeville closes on the 6 January.

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Winter Whites

Sometimes, a new release just captures everyone’s imagination. Crisp and fresh, this beautiful coat from Tres Beau really stands out in the latest releases around the grid.

So here’s Twisted Lemon and Thalia Jie’s independent styling of the Tres Beau new release outfit.

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LELUTKA Ultra ~ Post Show Notes

LeLutka Ultra was a final show for 2009 from MAD Agency team.

This was absolutely amazing collection of clothing from LeLutka and incredibly involved show production that has taken nearly 4 weeks to complete. MAD Agency is proud that yet again LeLutka team has had faith in us to bring their vision to life. We have enjoyed the experience thoroughly and judging by reactions from the audience at the time and later SL blog buzz these amazing sisters and their designer friends have created, everyone else has too!

If you have missed Lelutka Ultra show join KMADD Enterprise group for future MAD Agency Invitations and never miss our show again.


Client: LELUTKA (also featuring !OhMai)

Agency: MAD Agency

Show coordinator: Risa Bright (MAD Agency Director ) & Aradia Dielli (LeLutka team)

Set design: Thora Charron (furniture provided by The Loft)

Show hosts: Maddox DuPont & Risa Bright

Music: Maddox DuPont

Location: provided by LeLutka


See Video by TommyLee Nightfire for LeLutka Ultra. Check MAD Image for update.

In the meantime check out LeLutka’s promo video.


Official Fashion show photos are on KMADD Flickr ~ preview highlights below or view larger complete slide show version.

[ click images to get a closer look ]


I always enjoy putting together music for each MAD Agency show and this particular collection of songs has some of my favorites.  Minnu has received tons of IMs requesting list of song from the show and as always we are  happy to share our selection.

Track Alone 01 was created and provided by LeLutka – it features Edgar Alan Poe reading with music by Minnu Palen. Yellow highlights indicate start of show 1 (OhMai) and start of show 2 (LeLutka). Final track is Orange Mecanique, tracks before Angelica and after Orange Mecanique were played before and after the show to set mood and establish atmosphere.

All music is purchased from iTunes so please support artists that are on the list by doing the same!

MAD Agency Info

If you would like MAD Agency to produce a show for you please contact Risa Bright our MAD Agency Director for more details. Here is the list of some of our previous clients.

Red and Green should never be seen…

Until Christmas, that is, when someone, usually your mother-in-law, decides everyone has to dress in ‘seasonal colours’. If you must, try this gorgeous dress from Tomoto.

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MAD Agency presents ~ LELUTKA Ultra Fashion show

[ click on image to view promotional video ]

MAD Agency is proud to present our final show for 2009 ~ LELUTKA Ultra Collection Fashion Show.

Also Featuring designs by !OhMai.

Proudly supported by The Loft.

For your official in-world invite containing light presets and LM to the show – please join KMADD Enterprise group.

We suggest arriving 1hr before the show start time so that you can load properly – we anticipate this to be an extremely popular show so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Silver Moon

AlaFolie has always been one of my favourites – one of the first things I ever blogged was one of Pixivor’s dresses, called Mousseline. Her use of fabrics and textures always amazes me. This one speaks of seasonal cocktail parties – without needing to descend into red, white and green.

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