New Female Shapes @ MADesigns

[ click on images to get a closer look ]


Thanks to amazing talents of Thalia Jie (MAD Image stylists) we have been able to redo number of our female shapes. These are same classic shapes from MADesigns with a new style. You will get both this and previous look when you purchase them. We hope you enjoy them.


MADesigns updates their shapes regularly to keep up with current fashion trends and ensure that shapes are the best that they can be at the time you purchase them. We do not believe in stale products and like to give our customers the best regardless when the shape is originally created.

To ensure you receive updated products, from today MADesigns has changed to new vendor system which not only keeps our items protected from copybots but it allows you to send them as a gift, get items redelivered and obtain updated versions. This means that you will always be able to receive the most current product version for purchases you already made. That’s additional styles and new shape versions absolutely free of charge. This service is only available for in-world purchases.

MADesigns on XStreetSL

If you are looking for a gift or prefer to shop on-line visit MADesigns on XStreet SL. Due to the nature of our products make sure you enable mature content to be able to see our shapes.


Shape demos are available from info panels located within each shape collection. See information panels for our shape recommendations and what has inspired each collection.


We would just like to remind you that all MADesigns shapes come with free personalized adjustment; if the body is not to your liking by simply contact us we can make changes to suit your needs. If you feel confident making the change yourself, all shapes are MODIFY and have correct proportions already that all you need to do is change body thickness, shape height and muscle tone to achieve desired effect.

What this means for you? You will never be unsatisfied with purchase you make with MADesigns. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and personalized service is here to protect you as a consumer.


If you are a skin/fashion designer and would like us to make special collection of shapes featuring your original creations – please contact Maddox DuPont or Thalia Jie.

Thalia and Maddox have over 3 years experience in fashion and avatar creation.


MADesigns @ KMADD City.


We are pretty much releasing new shapes every week so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group.



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