Dior Impression

ALB Dream Fashion interpretation of classic Dior.

< complete style credits after the jump >


Skin: LeLutka ~ IFE in Light makeup 1

Hair: Pocket Mirrors ~ Erin Curls in Onyx

Eyes: MADesigns Eyes ~ ABYSS – labrador sea


Gown: ALB Dream Fashion ~ Dior Impression Paris [creator AnaLee Balut]

Shoes: J’s ~ Rose Pumps in Black

Gloves: 5th & Oxford

Necklace: Paper Couture ~ Silver Bead Necklace

Ring: Paper Couture ~ Times Square Ring

Bracelet: Muse ~ Claris Black Pearl and Diamond Bracelet

Style/Model/Photography: Thalia Jie

5 responses to “Dior Impression

  1. I have been trying hard not to say this for some time now, but it’s finally too much for me!

    Support the GTAB campaign – Give Thalia A Break!!

    I see 19 names in the ‘authors’ section, and yet every second post here is by Thalia … people, get your finger out and start fashioning UP!!

    It’s kind of ironic for me that a sim that started as a fashion capital for men would have such a hard working woman leading the website!

  2. Magnet, there has been a crop of new stylist hired. Four men, Solomon, Spudgy, Ganymedes and myself. As well as the wonderful Alexandria Paine for the ladies. Thalia may have to work less soon, but to be honest I love her styles very classic and stunning that if we did gave her a break it would be sad face for all of us :c

  3. haha – GTAB – good one Magnet – I love it

    Alas there is not stopping Thalia she is amazingly prolific and loves producing styles – she describes it as “relaxing time” – I do not hold gun to her head trust me – she has to delete posts usually as I can not publish them fast enough.

    But yes, Gabe is right – we have hired additional 6 stylists – my computer problems are finished with so they should be set up shortly and you will see them on MAD Image more and more.

    We do appreciate your feedback and you have made a good point for sure. But so has Gabe – MAD Image would miss something BIG if Thalia stops posting or has a break. Cries.

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