Lieutenant G.

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SKIN: Dutch Touch ~ Red Cream

HAIR: MADesigns ~ Kian RD1

EYES: MADesigns – Promise brown pale 9

EYELASHES: MADesigns ~ Simplicity Unisex


JACKET: MeteoRain ~ Military Coat Black

PANTS: Sensual Mistery ~ Hero Pants Black (part of Hero full outfit)

BOOTS: WMD ~ Aussie Boots Grungy V

HAT: Illusions ~ Cavalier Hat small

EARRINGS: Death Hunter ~ E Pierce Dice Black

GLOVES: CheerNo ~ 2 Fingers Leather Gloves Black

(PS: the G. does not apply to me… but to a book)

3 responses to “Lieutenant G.

  1. ahmm. this outfit is cool.. can u guys tell me where i can get an exact clothes, exact style and exact color of this clothes??? plss

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