A Hint of Vintage

I love Ingenue – from the early products most of us have in our inventories to the latest and greatest, and a magnificent recent venture into shoes… which must be said, are divine. Ingenue textures are always perfect and the system skirts always amaze me with the perfection of line and shading.  A classic afternoon style, in navy and pink – a combination which has recently been little seen, but which is always elegant.

<complete style notes after the jump>


Skin: Baiastice D Casting ~ Peach ~ makeup 1

Hair: Fashionably Dead ~ Dorothy’s Morning ~ Cream Filling

Eyes: MADesigns ~ SOUL 2 Eyes ~ Pale Ink


Dress: Ingenue ~ Ella ~ Rose

Shoes: Ingenue ~ Lilium ~ Nautica and Blush

Handbag: M&L ~ Masi Handbag

Earrings: M&L ~ Supermassive Blackhole Hoops ~ Cold

Ring: M&L ~ The Silence

Styling/Model/Photography: Twisted Lemon

3 responses to “A Hint of Vintage

  1. I looove this! I’m such a huge fan of Ingenue’s shoes. I’m so glad she decided to get into making them. I especially love the color combos she comes up with! And I’ve always been a super huge fan of her clothes.

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