A look inspired after watching the movie Almost Famous, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. Enjoy!

< complete style credits after the jump >

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SKIN : DUTCH TOUCH ~ ROdd – Cream (Mutton Chops)

EYES : MADesigns ~ AUTUMN Twilight (Dawn)

HAIR : MADesigns ~ CREW  (NB III)


JACKET :  SEY ~ Boa (Black)

TANK TOP : Zaara ~ Wifebeater sheer (White)

JEANS : AOHARU ~ BT Vintage Denim (Dark)

BOOTS : Hat Mechanic ~ Greaser Boots (BLack)

BELT : Hermony ~ Rock`n Rolla Belt (Brown)

DOG TAGS : SiniStyle ~ Dog Tags

4 responses to “Backstage

  1. Aww, shucks, thanks guys. I will say that the jeans from Aoharu, have to be some of my favorite jeans in SL ever.

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