CONFIDENCE new poses @ MADesigns, KMADD

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Confidence Collection of male poses from MADesigns is all about natural movement and freedom. These sexy and masculine stances are essential purchase for anyone who desires to show male clothing without distortion and with a certain attitude.

And now a bit about MADesigns poses to help your purchase decision…


– EYE POSITION FOCUSSED AT THE CAMERA – all MADesigns poses have eyes focused straight ahead so if you are taking photos of yourself your eyes will not roll at the back of your head

– NO CLOTHING DISTORTION – we take special care not to impact on the clothing distortion when creating our poses. MADesigns poses are made with a designer, blogger and model in mind.

– PRIORITY 4 POSES – our poses will override AOs so turning AO off when on pose stand or runway is no longer necessary.

– NATURAL JOINTS – you will not look double jointed with our poses. MADesigns poses are always simple, natural and subtle.

– PERMISSIONS – all poses are copy and modify – you will never lose them or have to buy multiple copies to use in AOs and you can change their name to something meaningful to you.



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