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We have updated our WordPress theme to better suit our needs and be more reflective of KMADD theme and store.

We have also updated links for KMADD products and MAD Image services that can be found on MAD Image blog.

Here are the direct links for information located on our website:

MAD Image

We are currently conducting a “pulse check” in the form of KMADD survey, the link for which can be found in KMADD Suggestion Box section. If you have recently become customer of KMADD we would like to hear about your experience with our brand. Fill out the survey to receive FREE MADesigns product.


MAD Agency

Designer Directory

One of the most visited pages on MAD Image is our Designer Directory. It is one of the most comprehensive lists of male and female fashion stores in Second Life. If your store is not listed you can contact KMADD Manager Eve Petlyakov and we can add you to our directory.

Designer Directory can be found here.


Just below our MAD Image blog main menu you can now see our main categories listed, which will allow you to filter and customize your view as you arrive to MAD Image. For example: click on Female Fashion and this will show you only female fashion posts, excluding everything else.

This will make MAD Image easier to browse and more relevant to you.

You can also browse posts by Authors, All Categories, Most popular posts and of course By Month.These can be found in the right column of MAD Image blog.

Also in this column are links to everything KMADD (in-world store, marketplace store, our flickr/vimeo/plurk/youtube) if you like to visit or connect with us.

Check out our links also for best in male & female fashion blogs, feeds, RL fashion and much more.

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