New MADesigns EYES ~ Day Light

Eyes are life in Second Life. It is where soul of one’s avatar radiates from. Eyes although a very small detail can break or make your look.

MADesigns eyes travel that fine line between hand crafted and realism. Our collection that comprises of nearly 600 eyes, offers various features, textures and colors and you are always bound to find something that you like. MADesigns eyes make perfect compliment to MADesigns Shapes & Hair, giving you personality and flair for added realism and beauty.

With MADesigns eyes others will forget that you are made of pixels and so will you. MADesigns Eyes – eyes you will fall in love with.

See our complete eye collection here.

[ click image for more detailed look ]


MADesigns Day Light collection is bright, striking eye collection made for daytime and when first impressions need to last. These eyes are perfect for during the day, bright light conditions with additional reflections for added dimensionality.

Occasion: Daylight

Colors available: 10 colors available

Iris size: medium/large

Veins: medium/light



[ click image to get a closer look ]


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