MADesigns @ The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room ~ Top Brands, limited releases @ low prices.

KMADD is guest for next 2 weeks @ The Dressing Room.

Our most recent release FURY (pictured above) comes in brown tipped combo color (once off) and MADesigns Promise eyes (also shown) for ONLY $L70 @ The Dressing Room.

Catch a TAXI to The Dressing Room.

50% off SALE – Diesel Works Poses @ KMADD

Diesel Works is having a sale at KMADD in the Designer Boutique!

50% off all older poses with an extra 10% off fatpacks for all KMADD Enterprise Group members.

Sale runs until June 23rd so stop in today!

New Shapes @ MADesigns

[ click on images for more detailed look ]

KMADD has always been dedicated to bringing you the latest in style, providing diversity and offering only the highest quality products. Today we add another element to this potent mix ~ VALUE FOR MONEY.

We are pleased to announce that MADesigns SHAPES now also includes MADesigns HAIR & EYES.

All you need to do is add skin to your purchase, and you are ready to go. That’s unbeatable value, for new and experienced players alike. With over 600 shapes on offer, there is no other place to get such a great shape at such a great price.

All shapes in this release are featured on our most recent hair vendors for styles FURY and JASON. If you are interested in any of these shapes you can find them in the New Releases section of our store. Demos available. Featuring skins from Signature, Belleza and Buried in this release.

Demos are available for each shape collection from the information stands located in the SHAPES section of our store. Information stands also provide our shape recommendations (buying guide) and what has inspired each one of our collections.

PLEASE NOTE: Shape demos have larger feet and hands than the original and their appearance will depend on the skin you are wearing at the time you are trying demos on.

Exclusive to KMADD are Shape Modifications, because we understand that everyone is different and we want you to love your new body, this is why we are the only one to offer this personal service.

If the body is not to your liking, simply contact us (check shape properties for creator name) and we can make changes to suit your needs. If you feel confident making the change yourself, all shapes are MODIFY and have correct proportions already, so all you need to do is change body thickness, shape, height, and muscle tone to achieve desired look.

What does this mean for you? You will never be unsatisfied with a purchase from MADesigns. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and personalized service signify that we value our customers.

If you are looking for a gift or prefer to shop on-line, visit MADesigns on XStreet SL. Due to the nature of our products, make sure you enable mature content to be able to see our shapes.

Alternatively,  $L1000 gift cards are available at landing point @ KMADD. Personal delivery with your personal message and bonus gift. Make a lasting impression and give new life to that special someone ~ shop KMADD!

Most people who shop in Second Life do not read blogs. MADesigns Shapes are a great way to advertise your products as they provide the buyer with LM to your store, serve as a visual reference even if they do not buy the shape – which often leads to purchase, and are long lasting (“life span” of each shape is usually a minimum of 12 months).

Therefore, if you are a skin/fashion designer (big or small) and would like us to put together a special collection of shapes featuring your original creations, please contact Maddox DuPont and/or Thalia Jie (Thalia styles female shapes for KMADD).

Thalia and Maddox have 4 years experience in fashion and appearance. We can bring life to your wonderful creations and make them stand our among the rest.


We release new shapes and hair every couple of weeks, so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group upon arrival at KMADD. Free HAIR, eyes and special offers to MADesigns VIPs are just some of the benefits of being part of one of the largest groups in Second Life (over 17,000 members)

New Hair @ MADesigns ~ FURY

FURY is fun punk style that comes with 3 different looks, because everyone likes to wear their hear just that bit different (no bangs, 1 bang, 2 bangs – sounds funny but it’s true!). Wear it on its own or combine it with MADesigns hair base (we used Basic Black for this one – see bottom of this post it was our previous release). Wear it with skin hair base as well, either in harmony with hair color or to create a contrast for more dramatic look. Try it in our fun bright colors of Club Black (shown in red on vendor). Vendor models are featuring skins from Belleza and Buried.

PLEASE NOTE: All shapes and eyes featured on our hair vendors are also available for sale @ MADesigns store in new releases section. MADesigns shapes now include Hair and Eyes as well, because you deserve the best and we are committed to giving you the best value for money. So, save lindens by upgrading to MADesigns shape and get: shape, hair and eyes ~ the lot.

MADesigns specializes in quality short men’s hair, unisex & female couture hair. No prim was spared in creating fashionable, everyday styles that are versatile enough to wear for any occasion. Over 70 styles for both men and women. You can see our complete HAIR Collection currently on offer here.


Resize script DEMOs are available as well as FREE Male & Female styles so that you can test all hair colors and make the right choice.

  • MADesigns colors were created with the most popular skins in mind – ensuring your skin tone and eyebrows won’t clash with a color of your hair.
  • Our hair colors are hand painted and do not use RL hair source giving us far more control over how the texture looks. You can test all MADesigns colors in our hair department (near landing point). Both male and female free styles awaits you in all colors.
  • As our hair colors vary in texture they are able to communicate smoothness and thickness of hair, depth of color and transparency (you will not find one type of texture done in all different colors in our store).

MADesigns @ KMADD


Search > Places > KMADD or MADesigns

We are releasing hair every couple of weeks, so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group.

KMADD Enterprise is one of the largest groups in Second Life (17,000 members and counting). Exclusive previews and giveaways are only available to KMADD Members.

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