50% off MADesigns Shapes ~ SALE @ KMADD

During the month of July, over 100 MADesigns Shapes will be on sale and then retired from our store to make room for new exciting product line which will be announced shortly. We will be changing the way you shop for appearance items (skins, shapes, hair and eyes) and as we are in need of  wall space to make this possible we have decided to remove some of our older models.

As you know MADesigns Shapes undergo regular updates so apart from style (clothing shown on the vendor) there is nothing outdated about any of our shapes. As always all MADesigns shapes are MODIFY and DEMOs are offered within each shape section. So come on down try them on and see what it fits. You will be amazed what difference a great shape can make to your skin as well your confidence level in Second Life.

So if you are looking for a quality shape for yourself or your male alt, now is the time to snatch a bargain.

Visit KMADD’s HUGE Shape SALE.

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