Big Changes @ MADesigns (official statement) & FREE Gift @ KMADD

Over the past 6 months, Kirk and I considered ways to best reorganize our wide range of products and tie them together in such a way so that it would be easier and more beneficial to our customers.

We have grown immensely since MADesigns Shapes first appeared on the walls of small shop in Glenboon almost 4 years ago and so has our competition. Back then, MADesigns was the first brand to show shapes in their natural habitat on panoramic displays; with full face close up, mid and full body in purposefully selected poses and style that best described shape’s personality and temperament. Today, panoramic shape displays and styling cards have become the selling standard for numerous shape brands that were seeking to emulate success of MADesigns Shapes. While we are no longer recognized for innovative ideas such as these (especially amongst new players), we certainly have an opportunity to change the way things are done in “the shape industry” by challenging the norm once again.

Today, we will present you with a new way to shop for shapes in Second Life and it is right here @ KMADD.

Appearance and style has always been passion for Kirk and I and over time we developed range of products that best show our style and looks we liked wearing. Through this process we supported other quality content creators in Second Life by advertising their products within our shapes and providing them with space where they can showcase their work (previously KMADD City and today New Releases in Men’s Fashion @ KMADD). Our intention has not changed and we would certainly like to continue to support these creators as they make our every day in Second Life so much more beautiful.

What really excited us however is the new realization that KMADD can now offer all appearance products not all in one place but ALL IN ONE PACKAGE and in much greater variety of packages than anyone else. This of course was made possible not only by our branching out into different appearance products (namely hair and eyes) but also through collaboration and trust certain brands have landed to KMADD to make our vision possible.

But let’s start with our basic offering first which is MADesigns SURROGATES. This new MADesigns product is born from understanding that not every person needs or wants “all in one package” and certainly they do not want to be charged for extras they do not need when they are purchasing your product.

MADesigns SURROGATES Series is our SHAPE ONLY collection. This series is designed for anyone who is looking to purchase just a shape or have limited budget for their avatar.

SURROGATES include styling card with details on skin, hair and eyes used.

Each SURROGATE shape belongs to one of 3 body types:

  • TYPE A  [   height 6’3″  ]   human scale, slim build   BOY
  • TYPE B  [  height 6’10” ]   medium built & height     GUY
  • TYPE C  [  height 7’4″   ]   tall & muscular                   MAN

You can choose to shop by body type or by face. Complimentary Body Adjustment is not offered, however all shapes are MODIFY so changes can be made.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$599

Anyone that has been shopping at MADesigns in the past would be familiar with this collection, the only change is that we have now incorporated other MADesigns products within the package while the price remained the same.

MADesigns PREMIUM Collection includes MADesigns shape, hair, eyes and style pictured on our shape vendors.

All MADesigns PREMIUM Shapes include a complimentary Body Adjustment. If you would like to make changes to your body you got professionals at your disposal who can do it for you. Complimentary Body Adjustment is exclusive @ KMADD. So, if you are paying the same price for a shape anywhere else and you are not receiving this service or extras (hair & eyes) – you are paying too much!

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$1000

MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS Collection offers skin, shape, hair and eyes all in one package.

This package is for seriously lazy avatars. Kidding! But yeah hair is perfectly fitted on each – simply wear contents of the box and you are ready to go shopping for clothing. It is that simple! Very well priced offering featuring some of our best shapes. This is definitely one collection to look out for. Perfect package for both new and experienced players in need of quick change.

Current skin creators we are collaborating with are: DNA and Signature – Valiant coming soon… If you are interested in working with us (male or female skin creators) contact Maddox DuPont in-world.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$2000

MADesigns LIMITED Shapes are back by popular demand. This collections is for truly discerning players who do not mind paying that little extra if it means they would get a terrific shape that is not worn by many others. Think of MADesigns Limited as a mini-custom with fraction of the cost of custom shape plus we throw in additional extras just to sweeten the deal.

With MADesigns LIMITED each shape is adjusted to fit 4 relatively similar-in-look skins with eyebrows provided for each to match then perfectly. MADesigns Hair and Eyes shown on the vendor are also included as well as skin information card. All shapes are of course modify so you can tweak them to your liking. Body types vary but demos are certainly available and we can help you adjust the shape to suit your needs as well (this collection is inclusive of complimentary body adjustment exclusive to KMADD).

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$3000

In closing…

We hope that you like the new direction for MADesigns/KMADD, we are certainly excited about these changes as we believe they provide our customers with much greater options than ever before.

To celebrate new product, new direction and new look we have left a FREE GIFT in our skin department for all visitors to KMADD (look for KMADD Prim letters logo)

And if you do not get a chance to visit us, watch for notices and posts for new releases within each collection as there is some exciting stuff to come.

All the best,

Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore

KMADD Enterprise




2 responses to “Big Changes @ MADesigns (official statement) & FREE Gift @ KMADD

  1. Good luck, you wonderfuls. I’m excited to see you grow!

    Make more mohawks…*glares*

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