Sorta Summery

MAD Image would like to introduce Emery Milneaux, our new MAD Image stylist. Please make him feel welcome!

< complete style credits after the jump >


SKIN: The Abyss ~ Dave Gears – Light

EYES: MADesigns ~ Autumn Gold – Freshness

HAIR: Exile ~ Adam – Ash

EARS: Gauged ~ Design11 – Tunnel


HOODIE: Scars ~ Hoodie – Black-B

TANK: Aoharu ~ DeepVNeckTank – Graphic

SHORTS: Connors ~ Half Hemp Pants – Demigray

SHOES: Armidi LTD ~ Dazed S001 – Black/White

PIERCINGS: Mandala ~ Face Pierce – Silver

NAIL POLISH: SiniStyle ~ Faded Black Nails

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