Memoirs of Shinigami

Shinigami (death god) are a race of spiritual beings that acts as enforcers and psychopomps who all share similar supernatural powers.  They are souls with a high level of innate Spiritual Energy, recruited from the ranks of the residents and nobility of the Soul Society. Like all spirits, they cannot be detected by normal humans. Shinigami use their Zanpakuto, supernatural swords/katanas that are the manifestation of their owners’ power, to perform soul burials on Pluses. Shinigami also use their Zanpakutō as well as magic known as Kido to fight their arch-enemies, the Hollows.

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HAIR: Sadistic Hacker ~ Vermillion Hair – Black

SKIN: Den-Dou ~ Eito – Pale

EYES: MADesigns ~ LONELINESS – a dead man


JACKET: SEY ~ BoA JK[B] – black

TANK: SF design ~ muscle tee mens – black

PANTS: Poison ~ Black leather pants

SHOES: Hoorenbeek ~ Patagonia 2.0 – Black



KATANA: Musashi Blades ~ Akuma no Tsubasa V4.2

BELT: MANDALA ~ Kookai Belt – Black – Male

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