Lachrymose (MADesigns Hair Fair Preview)

MADesigns brings several new releases to the Hair Fair.
Though originally created for women, I say it’s unisex enough for men to work it too, so here’s me with Eve!

< complete style credits after the jump >

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* pictures by Eves Rodenberger *


SKIN: Nomine ~ Mosaic Skin Male Pierrot 7

HAIR: MADesigns ~ Eve “Club Black IX”

EYES: MADesigns ~ Nature “Winter discovery”

2.0 HAIR BASE: Tiny Bird ~ Blacks

NAILS: MStyle – Male Nails B&W


HAT: DownDownDown ~ White Mini Silk Hat “SLT”

GLASSES: Super Possessed ~ Possessed Specs Style 2 (modded the lenses to transparent)

EAR STUDS: Exodi ~ Bailey’s Pearls Stud “Onyx”

SHIRT & BUTTERFLIES: So What? ~ White Shirt “Butterfly”

GLOVES: Epic ~ Smexy Black & Bowie Lace Gloves

PANTS: The Black Canary ~ Fleur (part of full outfit)

SOCKS: Pig ~ Knee Sock Mit Suspenders “Black”

SHOES: Lapointe & Bastchild ~ Suede Dita’s High Heel Boots “Slate V8”

CANE: Super Possessed – Diabolist’s Cane (part of full outfit, not sold separately)

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